<Today in a class with Harry Gamboa Jr, he asked us to respond to the idea of nuclear war, following the news that the US declared the desire to withdraw from the US/Russia nuclear arms pact.>

Nuclear War

I think of my Russian friend who has currently given up her passport to the UK government in an attempt to remain – just as the UK rejects all kinds of remainers.

I think of the bureaucracy that stifles resistance. I think of the call on the oppressed to be ‘the bigger man’ in a nonviolent morality that has been taken up as the moral standard for western protest.

I remember the last nuclear scare, between the US and North Korea last year. I was in my hometown, in the bar where my friend has worked for the last five years at least. There’s a huge projection screen, typically showing sports, but this time it was the news. Maybe it was the BBC, but I don’t remember it it being impartial enough. The locals were gathered at the bar and at the table permanently reserved for them. Muttering racist mutterings and making jokes.

I sat with my drink, allowing the media induced panic to wash over me. It was deeply affective. We all continued to drink. It’s funny how matter-of-fact the news presenters can report on the idea of imminent nuclear war. The deeply embedded xenophobia; the control fantasies of old alcoholics in a bar. I suppose we’re in it together. The steady obliteration towards another kind of collapse. One fella, Clarky, already has an open wound on his head.

In another place, near Vegas, a tour guide points to small huts in the desert, telling us that’s where they keep the missiles —

accelerating towards area 51.

In the nuclear testing museum, sponsored by those who make such weapons, there’s an area 51 exhibit. Mutation fantasies, an escape to the sky as ours is crashing down. It’s a shame the prosthetics and fake aliens are so shit.

Who is there with the placards, welcoming our destruction?

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